Friday, July 25, 2008

Blessings of Technology

It is easy to think that being a so-called "third world country" everything is backward in this country. That is conventional thinking, which is, in fact, far from reality. The way I see it now, the Philippines is blessed because of technology.

Let me describe how the world was when I was a freshman in college in 1985 :

1. There were no cell phones. My parents sent me hand-written letters around once or twice a semester. (I enrolled in U.P. Diliman in Quezon City, while my parents were in Cagayan de Oro City, an hour and a half away by plane, airport-to-airport);
2. There were no computers. We submitted reports using the typewriter;
3. There were no beepers, no text messaging, no instant messaging, and things of that sort, which we almost take for granted these days. Nothing in those days were remotely comparable to these things.
4. There was no internet. You actually had to go to the library to research for information, not to a cafe beside the restaurant.

I have listed four, but you get the picture.

These days, events in first world country can be observed and even replicated in the Philippines, or any country with internet access in real time. The time lapse is very small. Take iPhone 3G for instance. We know it has been introduced in the USA last week. In just a few days, that thing will be here, or maybe it's already here and I'm the last one to know. Can't tell.

It is possible that most of the country isn't looking very closely. It is possible that most of the learned ones are taking things for granted. But the opportunities provided by technology are here, staring at us.

To those who see the opportunity and grab it, the whole world is in their hands. Thanks to technology.

My prayer is we as a country will notice sooner and not later.Technorati Tags: ,

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