Friday, July 25, 2008

Fast NBI Clearance

I must give credit where credit is due, and without delay.


I have always known that getting an NBI clearance is now one of the least things we have to worry in the Philippines these days. Thanks to technology.I can no longer recall when I got my own NBI clearance, because it’s in the range of eight to ten years ago. The processing per se was less than an hour, despite the terrifyingly long lines that time, then I was asked to return after two weeks to get my clearance. My salutes to NBI for that.

I went to the NBI again. But this time, I did not know what to do exactly, because unlike my previous experience, I was just an authorized representative. My brother brought his family to immigrate to another country, and his wife needed the NBI clearance. They sent me a parcel, and I was supposed to go the NBI with it.

What made me really appreciate NBI again is that in 44 minutes, I got the NBI clearance of my sister-in-law absolutely without the hassles we normally attribute to a government office! The NBI people were helpful and courteous.

At the NBI Clearance Center, I asked people what I should do and I was told to go to the 6th floor. Up there, I was attended to by a certain Dela Vega. I was not passed around. I liked that. I followed the steps Dela Vega specified and went back to him after around half an hour. No big deal! Then, he took the application form, held it up with his right hand, and said, “go to Step 6 at the 4th Floor, they will get this form from you”; then, he took the receipt, help it up with his his left hand, and said “go to Step 7 with this receipt and you’ll get the clearance.” The instruction was blindingly clear, wasn’t it?

Indeed I got the clearance at Step 7. All in all, it took 44 minutes. Someone called me right before I went in, and I called someone right after I finished. At the train, I couldn’t help but compare the time stamps in both calls: 1:14pm and 1:58pm, respectively.

Now all I have to do is mail this to my sister-in-law abroad.

Again, my salutes to you people at the NBI Clearance Center.

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