Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What should I write about?

Terrible question. I guess that's what happens to bloggers when somehow something impedes the flow of thought.

Let me tell you what impedes my thoughts these days. I wish to write only about things that make a Pinoy proud. But I also want to be honest. The fact that sometimes I feel like these two seem to be opposed to each other bothers me a lot, such that it impedes my thoughts.

Look at my mobile right this very moment. It just made an alert and, my my my... the SMS is a joke about our President. Now, should I blog about it? The question alone already immobilizes my brain.

Recently typhoon "Frank" passed by. MV Philippine Princess capsized and around 800 people died, a lot of whom are still right there inside the ship's hull floating upside down in the seas of Romblon. Should I write about it?

Both stuff don't make me proud. But I do not want to be a whiner. A lot of Filipinos already are and look at where we are now? Will whining improve our lot? At home, we do not watch local news anymore, nor listen to AM radio. We think they're full of garbage these days.

Let me write instead about the words I found on page 217 of Jack Canfield's book entitled Success Principles, which I bought on impulse from the National Bookstore one day:

Jack Canfield on Forgiving

In the light of the Law of attract more of whatever feelings you are experiencing. Being negative, angry, and unforgiving about a past hurt only ensures that you'll attract more of the same into your life.

I know how hard it can be to forgive and let go. I've been kidnapped and assaulted by a stranger...been sued in some blatantly frivolous lawsuits, and been taken advantage of in a number of business dealings.

But after each experience, I did the work of processing it and forgiving the other party because I knew that if I didn't, those past hurts would eat away at me and prevent me from focusing my full attention on the future life I wanted to create.

Success Principles by Jack Canfield, page 217.

Thanks Jack. When my mood swings like this, words from people like you are indeed a great blessing.Writing the words of Jack Canfield lifts me up indeed.

Compatriots, let's count our blessings. Whining won't get us anywhere. Whining leads us to greed, incompetence, corruption, and many other things we don't want our country to be peppered with.

Gratitude counts. If we only know how and where to look, we will see that blessings indeed abound. Then, only then, can we really move forward.


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