Thursday, August 14, 2008

Filipino Dream vs American Dream

I'm researching the internet about the Filipino psyche: how a Filipino thinks, what his aspirations are, and things of that sort. This research is related to a project I'm engaged in right now. In the process, I came across a lot of blogs that either talks about or makes references to the Filipino psyche.

Among the many entries I found, I find this post very interesting:

It opens and ends with these paragraphs:

The once famous American Dream have already been absorbed by many cultures around the world. The American Dream is not exclusive for the Americans alone, but for the global citizen.

. . .

To achieve their goal is the most important thing for a Filipino. To give their family a better life, to help others, share their knowledge to their fellows, and bring smile to everyone, even in times of problem. This is what the true Filipino dream is.

I like the way she puts it. The American Dream, to Filipinos, is a tool to achieve the ultimate Filipino Dream: "to give their family a better life, to help others..."

My applause.


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  1. this is very helpful for my project about the asian pacific dream..thank you