Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A humbling realization

Emails about the relative size of the earth with respect to the giant creations in the cosmos abound. But it took Louie Giglio to startle me with the implications of these pieces of knowledge. Before, to me, such stuff were just science. But Louie Giglio gave it a spiritual dimension. Yes, I do believe God is the Creator of all things, but I didn't immediately realize how that really feels...once we look out into the cosmos.

The images below are from rense.com although this site does not claim ownership of these images. I received these images myself through email, but I cannot locate them now. Perhaps the email browser already deleted them.
The first image is striking because you can see the Philippine islands very clearly, right there.

See how large the Philippines is compared to other islands. We know it's our country because we are familiar with its shape. Everything that we see in the news occur right there, in different locations of those set of islands. That alone is already amazing. Around us are oceans, deep oceans. We are alone in the middle of those blue zones there.

Mag-aaway pa rin ba tayo? Tayo-tayo lang nandyan, o! Walang iba. Tayo lang. Then look how large the globe is, compared to the lands we occupy. No one in the whole world will give a damn about us if we can't get our acts together. We can sink for all they care. After all, their shores are way out there from ours. There are only...us, Filipinos.

The next image is even more humbling.

How large is the solar system compared to the earth? If the size of the earth does not amaze us, how about the size of Jupiter compared to ours? We think we're the greatest? the mightiest race? the most unique race? Jupiter couldn't care less. The whole earth, which we consider huge, can plunge into its surface and form a small mountain, and Jupiter won't even notice.

How big are our problems? Is it bigger than Jupiter? If that does not impress you, then it may help to know that the gargantuan Jupiter is to the Sun, as earth is to Jupiter. Jupiter can plunge into the Sun and the Sun won't even notice.

Do you see how big the earth is compared to the sun? Whoever made this graphic had to draw an arrow for us to see earth.

How big are our country's problems?

The story continues, but I would like to let this video do the talking:

The globe is just a microscopic speck of dust in the cosmos. There are bigger, much bigger, things happening beyond our skies. We say we couldn't care less. The cosmos couldn't care less either. It has more important things to do.

In the face of these realizations, why would God, who created this cosmos mind us?

Fact is, he does.

I believe God cares about this country, and some of us are His instruments. We are on holy ground--the Philippine Islands, the earth itself, the cosmos--and blessed are those who see it.

I do not believe there is no solution to our country's problems. Our problems are peanuts compared to what God has to deal with to hold those large planets and stars in their proper places. I insist on believing. War is not an option.

Peace is the only one, and even if its evasive, let us continue to pursue it.

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