Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lack of Volunteeers in DSWD Warehouses? Let's revisit the NSTP

Relief goods in the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) allegedly gathered dust in four warehouses, one month after typhoon Ondoy. There was indignation about this in blogosphere lately.

The October 29, 2009 post entitled "Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo" at lambasted DSWD for alleged hoarding of relief goods in DSWD warehouses. Overzealous people in Facebook and eGroups circulated the link to this post.

But earlier, on October 26, 2009, DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral has already made a statement on these relief goods, admitting that the DSWD "warehouses are indeed full" but that this was . . .
"inspite of the fact that we have distributed 500,000 food packs and 200,000 clothing packs as well as thousands of sacks of rice, blankets, beddings, and items of personal hygiene in the past almost 4 weeks."
Let me say my piece.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mayors Who Damned San Roque Dam Were Joking, Right?

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan—Angry mayors Monday called for the decommissioning of the San Roque Dam, fearing its location near a fault line raised the possibility that it could collapse during an earthquake and wipe out Pangasinan province. (Source: Inquirer.Net)
Mayors of Pangasinan actually thought it was cool to damn the San Roque dam. As an ordinary citizen who studied land and water resources engineering in college, I could not help but wonder how the San Roque dam was built in the first place . . .  if the mayors' claim was correct: that the dam was built on a fault line!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Morning Prayer of a Metrorail Transit Rider from Cubao, Quezon City

I have much more respect now for Metrorail Transit riders from Quezon City to Makati City. After several rides myself at 8 or 9 in the morning, I have experienced for myself the ordeal each one goes through. Take this trip that I made for example . . .
  • 7:30am - left home to Cubao station on a jeepney
  • 7:50am - arrived at the Cubao Metrorail Transit station, saw that the south-bound platform was jampacked, saw that after two or three trains there was no obvious dent on the number of people on the platform
  • 8:00am - decided to come down the platform and run to the other side to take the train going to the opposite direction; that is, to North EDSA Metrorail Transit station

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Metro Manila City Train Blues

Getting a south-bound Metrorail Transit (MRT) ride at 8am in the morning in Cubao seems to require both brains and brawns, doesn't it?

The crows of humanity at the MRT platform in Cubao. I risked my life to take this photo.

I reminisce the time when the MRT was so new. At that time almost everyone resisted it one way or the other. Riding the MRT then was as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. All you had to do was walk (and climb, which was the only hard part) to the station, buy a ticket, wait for the train and walk in!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Tale of Heroism During Typhoon Ondoy

Heroism thrives in the country. That's what Typhoon Ondoy taught me. Yes they say that in the newspapers, TV and Facebook.

But I also heard it from first hand stories of people whom I know personally.

 One of them is from an lady army sergeant, a member of the Women's Auxiliary Corps of the Philippine Army, who wishes that I don't mention her name.

Let's call her Wilma, the woman in the army. She's single and the only daughter of a widow. In short, she only has her mother for her family.