Sunday, December 6, 2009

Homo Sapiens? or Did Something Else Fire the Guns in Maguindanao?

More than 50 dead in Maguindanao on November 23, 2009. Was it a human encounter? or an encounter with the undead? Worse, was it an encounter with Satan himself?
As bodies from the worst political massacre in the nation’s history were being uncovered from freshly dug mass graves, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Tuesday declared a state of emergency in the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat and in Cotabato City. (Source:
I have the feeling the President should have called Sector 7 instead. Too bad that Sector in the US government was disbanded in Transformer 2.

I think our Catholic President should perhaps ask the assistance of the Vatican in exorcising Maguindanao and cast Satan himself out of those lands.
There was evil that roamed in that part of the country in the form of 100 armed undead men that abducted women and media people, then massacred them in cold blood in broad day light! All that happened in a seemingly pre-meditated fashion, because the mass graves were ready!

Abduction at 10am, mass graves by 4pm. That was absolutely quick! I could only believe that those mass graves were there much earlier than the abduction.

Moreover, if investigations would confirm it, some of these undead still had the leisurely time of raping some women, again in broad day light!

All that were pure evil. Only Satan himself could have done it.

After Ondoy, Peping and Santi, here came the massacre of unarmed women and media people. What more could Filipinos ask? The movie 2012 sounded much more acceptable to me.

Indignation. Wounded sensibilities. That was what filled the country. And the World.

How could I put into words the shock that I felt? that everyone felt? What could drive anyone to even think of doing what was done in broad daylight, probably knowing fully that the country and the whole world would take notice?

Intimidation by political warlords is still a reality in some parts of the Philippines. That's the naked truth. And apparently, some still believe that they can get away with murder---this time, mass murder---just like that.

Maguindanao massacre happened. There was no genius. There was no honor. There was no sanity. There was no humanity. There was just pure, brazen, evil. Satan himself was there. It was no act of a human being.

But I also see another naked truth. The forces of light is also working in this country. Warlordism and brazen intimidation are now being cast in the light, and the real colors of powerful people that roam this land comes out are laid bare.

As a Filipino who believes in God, I believe that this light will continue. We won't like everything we'll see as things are cast in the light. But the forces of the dark won't have much space to hide as we march through time.

I pray for the lives wasted that day. May their deaths serve as a reminder across generations how power corrupts human souls. May their deaths be a demonstration of how far avarice can go when left unchecked or worse, cuddled.

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