Thursday, February 11, 2010

Honoring Chinese Filipinos on Valentine's Day

Chinese New Year on February 14 coincides with Valentine's Day. I find that interesting. So, let me honor Chinese Filipinos who celebrate Chinese New Year that day. I have lots of friends these days from their ranks and I wish I can greet each one of them by name here. The list is long and that's heart-warming.

My wife spoke about her first impressions of Chinese-Filipinos in her first Toastmasters meeting around two weeks ago. She told the audience about saying "No" to a Chinese-Filipino suitor because she knew back then that Chinese parents wanted Chinese in-laws. She didn't want an unwelcome look, from anyone.  Now, here's the thing: most of those in the audience were Chinese Filipinos LOL!

I benefited sometime later from my wife's decision. Good decision, Dear! Couldn't be better! He he.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Filipinos Will Love Blackberry

My business partner introduced me to Blackberry. At first I thought this thing was l-ux-u-r-y. I knew nothing about Blackberry, except that Obama had one and the Secret Service wanted him to give it up.

The US President had a Blackberry. It therefore had to be costly.

I was wrong.