Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Filipinos Will Love Blackberry

My business partner introduced me to Blackberry. At first I thought this thing was l-ux-u-r-y. I knew nothing about Blackberry, except that Obama had one and the Secret Service wanted him to give it up.

The US President had a Blackberry. It therefore had to be costly.

I was wrong.

Anyone who can afford post-paid plans CAN afford Blackberry. In fact, I think that when everyone knows what I now know about Blackberry, everyone would scramble for a Blackberry unit in a heartbeat.

For SMS lovers like Filipinos, Blackberry is downright cheap. Believe me. It's why Globe and Smart does not strongly promote Blackberry. They'll lose much income from SMS usage once the more than 60 million mobile subscribers know the real story.

Let's leave the technical details aside. Blackberry allows you to "text" til you drop, without having to pay til you drop. You can chat with friends and contacts using Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk or whatever. You are not limited to a pitiful 160 characters per message and you get charged per kilobyte, not per message.

There's one catch through: if you're not conscious about which wireless connection you use while browsing the internet, you can end up using billable kilobytes. Before I browse the internet, I make sure I turn off connection to the phone operator and rely solely on free Wifi internet available in malls and coffee shops.

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