Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chasing Street Names in Metro Manila

Street names can be confusing in Metro Manila. Someday I'll understand why they are making a hobby out of changing street names. Maybe they don't want Promdis like me to freely come and go.

Finding out which street is which can sometimes feel like a chase. I have come to know a good number of streets during my trying years in Metro Manila as a newcomer. But then, just when I have gotten used to the names, the Lords of street names changed their names.

Most of the street chase that I know are in Makati City:
  1. BUENDIA (a major street in Makati that intersects Ayala and EDSA) ... they changed the name to Sen Gil Puyat Ave decades back; but people still call it Buendia.
  2. PASONG TAMO (another major street in Makati) --- they changed it to Chino Roces; but its extension at the other side of EDSA is still called Pasong Tamo Extension. One would wonder, "extension" of what? Don't bother. People still call it Pasong Tamo.
  3. HERRERA ST (a major thoroughfare in Makati that is accessible from Ayala and Pasong Tamo, este, Chino Roces Ave. It's now called VA Rufino Street. Good thing the street sign I saw there said "formerly Herrera"
  4. PASAY ROAD (another major thoroughfare in Makati that is accessible from Ayala and EDSA) --- it's now called Arnaiz Avenue.
  5. SOUTH SUPERHIGHWAY --- The portion of this highway past the EDSA-Magallanes Interchange (clover leaf) has street signs saying it is Osmena Highway (hay naku!)
  6. JUPITER STREET and METROPOLITAN AVENUE are two segments of the SAME STREET, ok? --- If you want to go to Metropolitan Avenue from EDSA, turn right at Buendia and negotiate your way to Jupiter Street, which is the smaller street parallel to Buendia, behind the buildings to your right. Then, once in Jupiter Street, just go straight west, past Paseo de Roxas and past Makati Avenue. After Reposo (see Item 7 below), voila! All of a sudden you're now in Metropolitan Avenue!
  7. REPOSO --- It's now called Nicanor Garcia Street. This was Reposo when I was taking MBA in Ateneo Professional Schools not so long ago.
Other streets in Metro Manila are still referred to by people and taxi drivers and MMDA personnel by their old names, so just be aware:
  1. EMERALD AVE. in Ortigas Business District, Pasig --- This is now called Ortigas Junior Ave. Do not confuse this with Ortigas Ave which stretches from New Manila, through Greenhills, across EDSA, through the Ortigas Business District, past C5, etc. But if you get confused, I won't blame you.
  2. C5 --- The segment south of Pasig River is called Carlos P. Garcia Avenue. Cross Pasig River and welcome to Eulogio Rodriguez Ave. But don't bother, EVERYONE calls that part "C5" period.
Gosh, I'm absolutely sleepy now.
    Can you add more to this funny "street chase" list?


    1. I hate the way they change street names too! Would you know the former name of P. Tuazon Blvd. in Cubao? Someone told me it had something to do with showbiz because LVN Studio is located on P. Tuazon, and Sampaguita is farther down on Granada St. (formerly part of Gilmore, argh).

      1. This reply is late, but, there you go! :) Thanks for dropping by :)

    2. Thanks for the info, now I know the Chino Roces is actually the Pasong Tamo.