Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here's why the Aquinos lost my sympathy

Let me share this story once and only once. I risked my ass for Cory when I was 17. We were at 'PTV 4' then, which ABS-CBN was able to recover when Cory took power. Fast forward today, I ask, Did Marcos really kill Ninoy?

Why was I there?

Two years earlier in Cagayan de Oro City, I debated with my high school teacher -- a Jesuit scholastic who taught us about "constitutional dictatorship" of Marcos. I felt very strongly that, given his arguments about how the government effectively became a machinery that was anti-people, the military itself would fight Marcos soon, very soon.

My argument was simple: many military officers themselves came from poor families AND ... Filipinos were very family-oriented. How did I know that? My brother was one of them! My young and naive mind could not imagine a Filipino military that could sustain what we were seeing back then. At some point, or so I believed, these soldiers would throw up and say, "Enough!"