Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here's why the Aquinos lost my sympathy

Let me share this story once and only once. I risked my ass for Cory when I was 17. We were at 'PTV 4' then, which ABS-CBN was able to recover when Cory took power. Fast forward today, I ask, Did Marcos really kill Ninoy?

Why was I there?

Two years earlier in Cagayan de Oro City, I debated with my high school teacher -- a Jesuit scholastic who taught us about "constitutional dictatorship" of Marcos. I felt very strongly that, given his arguments about how the government effectively became a machinery that was anti-people, the military itself would fight Marcos soon, very soon.

My argument was simple: many military officers themselves came from poor families AND ... Filipinos were very family-oriented. How did I know that? My brother was one of them! My young and naive mind could not imagine a Filipino military that could sustain what we were seeing back then. At some point, or so I believed, these soldiers would throw up and say, "Enough!"

Many of my high school classmates thought I was crazy. Our yearbook was (and is) a living witness of how far my classmates made fun of me then, which I took in stride.

When the military-led and Church-supported 1986 EDSA Revolution broke out, I was a freshman at University of the Philippines Diliman. I ran to EDSA like it was the only thing that mattered. It was a vindication of my stand 2 years earlier. It thrilled me to see General Ramos making a stand against Marcos.

Fast forward 2016. Cory has come and gone. Ramos has come and gone. Now, P'Noy has come and about to go.

Where is the master mind of the assassination of Ninoy Aquino? Nobody bothered to find out? Not even the wife and son? Never mind the General. Marcos was already physically weak and later dead. The Marcoses were no longer in power. The Aquinos were basically the rulers of the country.

Something strangely just did not compute!

What stops me from concluding now that it has never been important to the wife and son to find out --- or at least reveal --- who masterminded the assassination? Thinking further, what now stops me from suspecting that, maybe, just maybe, Marcos didn't do it after all. Imagine the shame of informing the country that a million people chased the wrong person away ... and with the blessing of my beloved Church at that! That, to me, sounds like a reason that's strong enough to stop his wife and son from seeking justice for his assassination.

I am quite certain we are all victims of a 30-year cover up. It saddens me that I'm no longer sure who's behind it and why. It hurts me to suspect that, God forbid, I, and the rest of the well-meaning people in EDSA 30 years ago, including the Church, were all taken by these "heroes" for a fool.

If you think I've drifted to the "Dark" side of the force, then tell me again who you think killed Ninoy Aquino and why ... then be ready to answer my follow up questions.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I wont vote for BBM. I still dont want another Marcos up there for reasons that no longer include the assassination of Ninoy and I want NAIA to be reverted back to its original name - Manila International Airport.


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