Friday, December 2, 2016

"Millenials" Then and Now: Big Difference!

When Filipinos of my age were the "millennials" of the country we whined and rallied on issues that were happening almost in real time and under real threat from an army ready to pounce ...
  • Although Marcos lifted Martial law 5 years earlier, a lot of political detainees were still in prison and the New People's Army was at their peak!
  • Ninoy Aquino was assassinated 3 years earlier and caused an uproar that were fresh to us like yesterday
  • Marcos called for a Snap Election months earlier
  • Election fraud was exposed by the media days earlier
  • Protests were happening in the news while we studied our lessons in the dormitory
  • Everyone was nervous. Everyone was wondering what was going to happen.
  • Then all of a sudden Enrile and Ramos defected to Cory and Cardinal Sin called on radio for everyone "to protect" these freedom fighters
  • The millennials, along with the rest of the concerned citizens of that generation, filled EDSA to the brim under some real threat of attack from soldiers in full battle gear
Where were the millennials of today when ...
  • someone's indecision led to the unnecessary slaughter of tourists in Luneta?
  • Yolanda and all the embarrassing incompetence happened?
  • the pork barrel scam was uncovered?
  • the 44 policemen were massacred in Maguindanao by the MILF?
If the millennials of today think they're better than the "millennials" 30 years ago, let me put it this way ... you have a lot more to do to prove that you're at least half as badass as our generation.

So, please, when we speak, shut up and listen. Totoo ang nutribun!